Specify a value or list of values to construct a row value.


<row value expression> ::= <explicit row value constructor>

<explicit row value constructor> ::=
<row value constructor element list> ::=
<row value constructor element> ::= <value expression>
<contextually typed row value expression> ::= <contextually typed row value constructor>
<contextually typed row value constructor> ::=
<contextually typed value specification> ::=
<null specification> ::= NULL

<default specification> ::= DEFAULT

<contextually typed row value constructor element list> ::=
<contextually typed row value constructor element> ::=
<row value predicand> ::= <row value constructor predicand>
<row value constructor predicand> ::=
<contextually typed table value constructor> ::=
<contextually typed row value expression list> ::=


Row value constructors with more than 1 row value element are only supported in the INSERT statement in NexusDB V3 SQL.


1) The following example selects students from California and New York:

       SELECT studentName, state

       FROM students

       WHERE state IN ( 'CA', 'NY' )

2) The following example inserts two new rows into the documents table:

       INSERT into documents ( documentID, title )

       VALUES ( NEWGUID, 'NexusDB main features' ), ( NEWGUID, 'NexusDB special features' )


SQL:2003 standard


Core SQL

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