If you wish or have to recompile the various packages and/or the binaries please follow these instructions


Remove all NexusDB packages (and possibly installed dependent packages) from the list of loaded packages. (Delphi menu: Components | installed package)
Delete all package binaries (NexusDB*.bpl) from the machine. (This is optional and if you are sure that you have just one instance in the correct target directory you can skip this step)        
Start Delphi/C++Builder, close whatever project that might be loaded, and go to Open Project        
Select the Nexusdb3PackageXX0.bpg package from the correct DelphiX/CBuilderX subdirectory (X stands for your version of Delphi/C++Builder, e.g., Nexus3Package70.bpg from the \Delphi7 subdirectory )        
After the project group is loaded please go to the Project menu and do a "Build all projects" - this will compile all the NexusDB packages        
After compilation open the Project Manager (CTRL-ALT-F11) and select the "dv" package (the last one in the list, eg Nexus311dv70.dpk project        
Right mouse click over this project to bring up the popup menu and select "Install"        
A message box should appear to inform you that NexusDB components have been added to the NexusDB palette tab        
Select File/Close All (save changes)        
Due to a bug in Delphi, you should now close down and restart Delphi. If you do not do this, then the executables in the next step will be built with runtime packages, even though the project options specify otherwise.        


Note that unless you need to customize the binaries, it is easiest to download the binaries from our webpages, since they use a number of third-party components and glyph libraries (which we cannot distribute).

Open Project Nexus3ApplicationsX0.bpg from the same directory as step 7 above        
Again do a Project/Build All to create Server, Enterprise Manager and Tools executables which should end up in the <install directory>\Bin subfolder.
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