NexusDB is one of the first commercially available SQL:2003 databases for the developer market. It is the fastest and most flexible solution in this segment and features enterprise functionality at affordable prices.

Support & Consulting

We here at NexusDB are committed to provide you with the best support. Depending on SLA level it would feature 24x7 telephone support, guaranteed response times, and access to our Version Control System. Our highly trained specialists are also available directly to you for advice, support and implementation.

A small selection of our customers

Our products are used in hundreds of thousands of installations all over the world. Here you can find a small selection of customers that agreed to be listed here.


We have the strong belief that it is vital for every developer to know where he is going. Even if the target might change slightly over time, a plan that is followed is the best way to reach goals. We help our customers to create their own plans by keeping our roadmap up to date.

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