Our Goal

Deliver technically superior tools for the software developer.
This is our simple philosophy and we are very confident that our business model allows us to fully concentrate on this.

General info

Development of NexusDB began in January 2003 in Brisbane, Australia, by Eivind Bakkestuen and Thorsten Engler. The company's main business continues to be the ongoing development and maturation of the NexusDB database engine. NexusDB continues to invest heavily in its ongoing research and development work. It is currently partially funded by the R&D incentive scheme from the Australian Government.

NexusDB version 1 was introduced in September 2003 and it quickly became known as the best database for the Delphi and C++Builder market. The Nexus Memory Manager product (another best of Delphi) vastly improved on the built-in memory manager and solidified our reputation in creating advanced programming libraries. NexusDB version 2 improved on v1 with it's groundbreaking SQL:2003 support, a first among Delphi database engines. NexusDB V3, Nexus Remoting, NexusDB V3 ADO.NET Provider and support for other platforms via Lazarus/FreePascal will be our main focus going forward.


NexusDB (as we call it for short) currently has 3 staff. Thorsten Engler is the architect and project leader with Eivind Bakkestuen as senior developer, and Nutchaya Bakkestuen who is helping in administration and sales.

Target market

We target database developers on mainstream development IDEs and OS platforms, currently Delphi/C++Builder, Visual Studio, under win32/64 and .NET. NexusDB v3 will support more IDEs and platforms (Pocket PC ADO.Net provider, server compilable in FreePascal to run under Linux etc).

We are very confident we are the best of the Delphi database alternatives.


NexusQA Pty Ltd is backed by some strong Australian companies. This backing ensures the future development of the Nexus database engine and allows us to put all efforts into this development without having to deal with the pressure of marketing and sales. In particular

  • NexusDB is used as database backbone for these companies
  • the ongoing development of NexusDB is assured
  • mainstream Delphi developers will have input into the future development of NexusDB.
  • new technologies are constantly probed for their suitability for NexusDB products and the Enterprise market