ODBC Connector/Driver

The ODBC Connector/Driver allows you to connect to a NexusDB database server from every application or development environment that supports ODBC like MS Excel, Word or even from ASP for web pages.

Additionally, the ODBC driver has fully embedded server to allow you to build a standalone query engine to access NexusDB databases.

Please download our trial version and give it a try yourself.


The driver/connector licensing has two parts:

(1) As a user, the driver/connector license allows you to install the Connector on as many machines / seats as necessary provided these machines are operated within the same company or organisation.

(2) If you own an additional NexusDB Server Distribution License (which is implicitly included in the NexusDB Developer SRC, NexusDB Developer DCU and NexusDB AWE Server products, but also available as standalone license) you can royalty-free redistribute the driver/onnector as part of one or more of your products that make explicit use of the Connector. Distribution of the driver/connector on its own is not allowed.

For exact licensing terms please review the attached license document.

NexusDB Drivers License.txt4.05 KB
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