Enterprise Manager

The main developer tool for creating and maintaining your NexusDB databases.

The main window of of the EM work area is the Server window (all popup menus shown for completeness). From this centralized window you can browse all your servers, databases and tables with ease, add and delete databases and tables, etc.

The table create/restructure window gives you full access to all the advanced features in the NexusDB table dictionary. Take advantage of the various default descriptors (field defaults includes but not limited to current date and time, empty string, or a particular value). Define indexes where each field in the index can have independent ascending/descending, case, locale, etc settings.

The table browser lets you display and edit all data in the table. You can also perform other table-related tasks like copying table contents to other tables, and design and print reports from the data.

The query browser is where you construct and run SQL queries. Features include SQL syntax highlighting, query execution plan viewer (text area to the right of the query text in image on the left), keeping track of multiple query connections from a single window, automatic parameter popup dialog.

Database Importers

NexusDB comes with import programs for several databases, to help you convert data from other systems. Created using the wizard principle, they are easy to use even by end-users. Full source makes it easy to create custom importers if needed.

Source Converter Assistant

The source converter assistant will copy all your files from one directory to another. When it encounters files that may contain FlashFiler keywords (.pas, .dfm or .inc files), it will replace FF keywords with NexusDB keywords, and write the changed file to the new directory. This makes the FF to NexusDB conversion fast and painless.

Server User Interface

The NexusDB server has an easy to use interface that even your end-users will love. The sensible default settings can easily be changed according to your client's requirements. In addition, the server features built-in extensibility that allows your custom plug-ins, monitors and extenders to show their settings directly in the server user interface.
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