Multi level security

NexusDB implements security on many levels. There are three main areas of NexusDB that are secured: data files, transports and user access.

Encryption framework

NexusDB ensures that your data files are secure by providing an extensible encryption framework. Utilizing the sub-engine architecture, any number of encryption sub-engines can be registered to encrypt your data files. Different algorithms can be implemented within each sub-engine to find the best balance of encryption strength and speed for your application. NexusDB includes a default encryption sub-engine which utilizes the Blowfish algorithm, but you are free to implement different encryption algorithms.

Transport encryption

Transports were supposed to work in a similar way. Recently we reviewed the design and found it not very secure. We decided to implement real strong encryption through StrSecII. For this purpose we are currently working closely together with its creators. The solution will be available as soon as we are confident with its quality.

For weak encryption users can still create their own encrypting compression engines for transports.

User access

User Access is controlled by three security tokens in NexusDB: Admin, read and write. Each user can have any combination of these tokens within the server. The Admin token enables users to restructure databases, modify aliases and general administrative tasks. The write token grants permission for the user to add data to tables. The read token permits viewing of the data. The combination of the write and read tokens enable modification to existing data within the tables.

NexusDB is a secure database that keeps your data safe.

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