NexusDB is one of the most flexible databases you can buy. You can use NexusDB as your primary network database server or as a completely embedded database engine.


As a full client/server database, NexusDB can handle hundreds of users. NexusDB excels in vertical market applications due to its royalty free licensing, variety of protocol support and maintenance free operation. Imagine the raw performance and integrity available to your applications without the overhead of installing, reselling or paying for other databases.

Embedded Server

You can also harness that same power and completely embed NexusDB into your own desktop applications, IntraWeb/EWF/WebSnap modules, SOAP service or application server. What does completely embedded mean: no dll's, no COM objects, no external dependencies of any kind. NexusDB provides the same robust data management and throughput in your embedded applications as a full blown database server.

With NexusDB's amazing flexibility of deployment, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your database needs are, NexusDB can meet your even most critical requirements.

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