Whether your application is on a 1000 Mb LAN, connected by a T1 via the internet or VPN'd through a 28kps dial up connection NexusDB can provide connectivity that works for you.


NexusDB has architected its transport layer to include these powerful features:

  1. Integrated Compression - RLE (Run Length Encoding), ZIP, LZ (Lempel-Ziv)
  2. Batch operations - read and write incl. blobs(!)
  3. Automatic Physical Connection sharing
  4. Advanced WinSock technology - I/O completion ports, overlapped I/O

These transports can be used in a variety of different network configurations. They have been tested on slow WAN's as well as high speed LAN's with great throughput. The combination of compression and batch operations have yielded significant performance increases for every bandwidth speed.

The advanced WinSock implementation is state of the art and surpasses many well-known socket libraries in terms of performance and scalability. By using I/O completions ports and other advanced techniques NexusDB's WinSock provides the best possible throughput on TCP/IP based networks.

Connection sharing

Built-in connection sharing means that the application will reap those scalability benefits without any additional effort. This architecture also preserves the security context of the user. The security context is decoupled from the physical connection; therefore there is no need to implement lowest-common-denominator security prevalent in applications that use connection sharing.

NexusDB transports satisfies your most challenging connectivity requirements. NexusDB provides ultimate flexibility and optimal performance by utilizing these unique features.

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