NexusDB is very scalable due to its elegant design. Every line of code has been tuned for optimal scalability and performance.

Your database might grow in the future ...

No problem. NexusDB demonstrates terrific scalability in these areas:

  • User connections - capable of hundreds of concurrent connections
  • Massive Data storage - only limited by your OS and disk space; supports terabytes (might be limited by your OS) of data comfortably
  • Record capacity - store millions and millions of records

How about Multi-processor Server Systems?

NexusDB utilizes Symmetric Multi-Processor systems completely. The overall affect is a higher server performance - work gets done at the server in a shorter period of time. Throughput is maximized due to three reasons:

  1. Fully threaded core.
  2. New memory manager improves allocation/deallocation and reduces memory fragmentation.
  3. Designed to minimize single-threaded serialization points.

Low user connection overhead and efficient buffer management make NexusDB capable of serving massive amounts of data to many, many users.

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