We have designed NexusDB to be faster, more stable and have a higher degree of flexibility than any other comparable database engine on the market

Engineered to be faster

NexusDB's performance is outstanding for several reasons:

  1. The core engine is fully threaded and takes advantage of multi processor systems.
  2. A custom memory manager that has been carefully crafted to allocate memory without contention on SMP systems and to minimize memory fragmentation.
  3. Interchangeable transports that work with a variety of protocols to ensure that the communication between client and server works as fast as possible in embedded or network server deployments.
  4. An innovative and elegant implementation within the buffer manager ensures that block reads and writes are done correctly and efficiently.

These reasons all add up to real performance that can be measured. Ultimately, it is these numbers that demonstrate our commitment to performance and make your applications run as fast as possible. Our (until release: internal) benchmarks clearly show that NexusDB out-performs and out-scales the competition.

How fast is it then?

We provide full featured (time limited) trial versions for you to test NexusDB. It is well understood that benchmarks can only give an indication of how well the engine performs and that every benchmark is biased to a certain engine. We are very confident that you will see similar improvements to those that we found in our internal tests, by simply trying your app with the trial version.

We are confident that NexusDB out-performs the competition - try it and see for yourself!

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