What's new in NexusDB V3?

With these unique and technically superior features NexusDB is the next step in database evolution.

Intuitive Developer Tools

  • Enterprise Manager - full-featured tool to create and maintain databases, tables and SQL queries, all within an integrated workspace
  • Database Importers - import tables from other databases (FlashFiler, BDE, ADO) into NexusDB tables. Full source included that easily adapts to other databases
  • Source converter assistant - helps convert FlashFiler source code into NexusDB compliant source

SQL Support

  • Standard SQL:2003 - statements supported
  • Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions - fully implemented.
  • SQL/PSM Procedure Language - for server side programming.
  • Transaction Management and Referential Integrity - for professional data handling.
  • Fulltext Index Support - for fast data lookups.
  • ODBC Driver - access your data through industry standard ODBC
  • dbExpress Driver - use Borland's © components to query NexusDB

Flexibility of Deployment

  • Embedded - use NexusDB in your desktop applications; no dlls, COM objects or external dependencies
  • Client/Server Stand Alone - run as a networked server for your enterprise
  • Client/Server Windows Service - registered service with integrated event logging

Extraordinary Performance

  • Multi-Threaded Engine - utilizes Symmetric Multi-Processor systems to the fullest extent

  • New Memory Manager - maximizes allocation speed and minimizes fragmentation
  • Interchangeable data transports - optimized for deployment topology
  • Memory Tables - for the fastest possible data access

Client/Server Architecture

  • More Robust - server insulates physical data files from clients to prevent corruption
  • Increased Performance - server optimizes overall throughput
  • Better Scalability - can handle more simultaneous clients than file-based databases

Stability with Transaction Support

  • Snapshot Transactions - Unique to NexusDB, these transactions ensure that writers do not block readers
  • Fail-Safe Transactions - preserves the consistency of your data under the harshest of conditions with a complete two phase commit implementation
  • Nested Transactions - enables greater flexibility, clarity and encapsulation when using transactions


  • User connections - capable of hundreds of concurrent connections
  • Massive Data capacity - only limited by your OS and disk space; supports gigabytes of data comfortably
  • Record capacity - store millions of records effortlessly


  • Plugins - add new features to the core engine
  • Monitors/Extenders - intercept server events with Monitors and participate in their execution with Extenders
  • Sub-Engine registration - A NexusDB exclusive: customize storage, key comparisons, index structure, and many other aspects

Ease of use

  • TnxTable/TnxQuery support - Native and familiar Delphi interfaces to access your data
  • Data-aware control compatibility - supports TDataset
  • Report Writer compatibility - use RAVE, Report Builder, FastReport and others

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • Online Backup - operates seamlessly in a 24/7 environment
  • Powerful Administration Tools - easy to use GUI management utilities included
  • Maintanence free - reuses buffers and automatically balances indexes
  • Royalty-free licensing - purchase NexusDB and use it without deployment or per user fees.

Transport connectivity

  • Real-Time Communication System - provide an advanced messaging system over any network
  • Multiple Protocols Supported - TCP/IP and Named Pipes implementations make choosing the right protocol easy


  • Login Security/Rights - server based rights makes sure your data is secure
  • Encryption - advanced interchangeable encryption algorithms keep your data safe on the server and over your network
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