Version Core Engine SQL Engine nxServer/AWE Enterprise Manager
3.11 This release contains a significant number of bug fixes including a general review of the SQL engine by Thorsten (which included a general tidy up of the code to reduce the propensity for future errors).  The major new feature is support for XE3.
New Features 0001465: Rad Studio XE3 Win32 support   0001443: Add /WRITECONFIG command line parameter to save server settings to file 0000762: Implement reduced query priority timeout
0001410: Show file name on CSV-Import wizard window
0001447: EM v3 with the same font of EM v2 in the SQL window
QA Fixes 0001425: Memory leak: Cipher class in nxCipherDecodeData
0001423: In AWE mode, it's possible in TnxBaseWin32File. FlushFile that a block gets evicted from address space before being written
0001426: CurrentUserIsLocalSystem calls FreeSid wrongly
0001376: Crash in TnxReadOnlyBlock. MakeDirty
0001358: SQL scripts need updating
0001405: Number close to max(int64) could trigger integer overflow
0001419: Comparison of StringField to string constant longer than field size can cause exception
0001413: Give proper error on empty or wrong number of characters in blob literal
0001371: Incorrect error message with an ill-formed query/params using BETWEEN and timestamps
0001404: Memory Leak
0001373: WHERE IN-statement with empty string results in range check error
0001424: TnxBaseComponentConfiguration memory leak
0001384: error in sbcIterate can leave stcInUseCount incremented on lock timeout, resulting in assert on cursor destroy
0001391: Left over menu item "Test"
0001382: Parameter /RESET does not work
0001383: open log folder in service tray icon
0001399: Update nxServer (GUI) - "Save to" option
0001401: Compiler Warnings and Hints in Nexus Code
0001433: Prevent double right-click menus in tabbed table/sql views
0001464: EM crashes running Northwind script
0001387: Possibility to change back the (new) Long Tab Caption to the old Short Caption
0001389: EM raise an AV when using the NoBroadCast toolbar button in combination with the /NoBroadcast parameter
0001445: Under certain circumstances a windows inside EM cannot be closed
0001449: Closing several SQL browsers could lead to access violation
0001444: Please provide an EM v3 with Syntax Highlighting as v2
3.10.04 Significant new feature in this release is the dropping of the settings file (for nxServer) and having the server read those settings from a meta table.  Some important bug fixes included in this release.
New Features   0001298: Error in SQL select script with big table 0000237: Read server settings from a metadata table
0000747: Settings file writing revised
0000778: Installing service under LOCALHOST
QA Fixes 0001350: Session has been illegally re-entered
0001323: Range check error in TnxServerTaskInfo. MakeSnapshot
0001361: nxsrServerEngine built with different version of System.Contnrs - XE-2 SP-4
0001367: Calling CloseInactiveTables could cause AV
0001301: #L+ leads to AV when no from part exists for SELECT
0001300: Engine should give normal error instead of crashing when undeclared variables are used
0001248: Stored Proc cuts off out strings at 255 character length
0001355: Varchar variables contain maximum 255 symbols. But variable declared >255 symbols
0001366: Running queries when CloseInactiveTables was called could lead to AV’s
0001347: Memory Leaks
0001308: Assert on shutdown after web admin page loaded.
0000957: Remote Admin: Statistics page has a display error in IE8
0001041: nxServer installed as service doesn't have "description" in Windows Server Manager
0001115: Service not loading nxserver.init file on first run
0001321: Error web page if adminroot files are missing
0001318: Service fails to start on non-English locales when using local system account
0001368: Error when attempting to browse a table or open an sql window
0001333: Opening table browser with unknown password would leave empty tab
0001332: Field and index grids numbering should be 0-based
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