Now that Rad Studio XE2 has been released, we can start planning supporting NexusDB releases.

We intend to release NexusDB 3.10 within a month. This update will as usual have some bug fixes, and also will have XE2 support for win32 compiling. At the same time, the new Secure Pack products are going to be released (link:

XE2 support for 64-bit windows compiling will come in the following 3.11 update. This update will require a fair amount of work on the assembler code we currently have in our product, among other things (like the Extended datatype not being available natively). This update does not have a specific timeframe, other than we will make it available as fast as we can.

XE2 support for MacOSX will require an even larger amount of work, and we will be looking into this after the 3.11 update.


NexusDB Memory Manager for Delphi XE2

Hi Eivind,

I can't find new releases for just the Nexus Memory Manager supporting Delphi XE2.

Does it mean that if I want to use your Memory Manager I have to buy all NexusDB?

Where can I have more information about Nexus Memory Manager and Delphi XE2 for win32, also for win64?

Many thanks.

Memory Manager

The Memory Manager stand-alone product does not support any later versions than Delphi 2007. Yes, if you want to use our MM with a later Delphi version, you need to purchase the full NexusDB. Please post further questions in the support newsgroup.

When is Nexus Portal for XE2 available


I am wondering when the 32 and 64 bit support for Nexus Portal for Delphi XE2 will be available.


According to our announcement newsgroup x64 support was released 10 months ago. We have not had any reports of problems with it.

NexusDB for XE2 will be available?

any news on when the NexusDB for XE2 will be available?

Yes, it is already

Yes, it is already available, for win32. Win64 is being worked on.

XE2 support release date?

any news on when the NexusDB for XE2 will be available?

Nexus Portal on XE2

What kind of plans do you have for Portal & XE2?

The next Portal release will

The next Portal release will have XE2 support for 32 and 64 bit. We're currently fixing up the assembler based compression routines to work in 64 bit, hopefully it won't take much longer. A release within 3 to 4 weeks from now is more than likely.

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