You have probably come here because you encountered an error when trying to make the payment for an order.

First, please let us let you know that we're very sorry that this problem occurred.

We're taking security and the protection of payment data very serious and thus have very stringent security checks in place. Unfortunately sometimes these checks do mistake genuine processing for a forging or hijack attempt, which leads to payments not being processed.

We ask you to please follow these steps to make a successful payment:

  • Make sure that Javascript is enabled. If you're using blocker tools please whitelist the domain.
  • Disable proxies whenever possible. We DO reject connections from "well known public proxies".
  • Make sure you're not using any anonymizer tool or incognito browsing
  • Make sure cookies are allowed for the domain
  • If you don't have a site login for yet, we recommend you create one and log in (the order process creates a new login for you otherwise, but sometimes this can separate issues)
  • If you have a site login please log in before ordering, if you're already logged in, please log out and back in to start with a clean session
  • Delete all items from the cart and start the order process again

If you still have problems, please contact us and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible!

We know that this is not as easy and staight forward as it should be, but we hope you can understand our strict policies on this.

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