Seems like I've missed out to post this announcement on our website. So here it goes:

We've just made a free RADPHP package as add-on to our PHP connector
available. The package implements access to NexusDB in the same way as the
shipped packages for MySQL, Oracle or IBase.

The package is available for download from here:

Some screenshots:


The package works with any NexusDB from V2.07 onwards.
The NexusDBDatabase->databases() function is supported
from V3.0 onwards only.

The package requires the NexusDB PHP Connector. This can be
the full registered version or the trial version which can
be downloaded from:


To install the NexusDB RADPHP package 3 steps are necessary:

(1) Copy the files located int he {install}\RPCL folder to
your RADPHP installation folder. Keep all subfolders
(2) Make sure the PHP connector for NexusDB (or the trial)
is installed correctly. Mainly make sure
(2.1) the nexusdb.dll library is accessible somewhere
in the system path
(2.2) the PHP5 php_nexus.dll is in your Ext folder; for
RADPHP typicalle the {RADPHP}\PHP\EXT folder
(2.3) the PHP.INI enables the php_nexus.dll extension;
in RADPHP this is usually done by adding the line


to the PHP.INI.TEMPLATE in the {RADPHP}\PHP folder
(3) Install the NexusDB package by choosing Component/Install
Package. Navigate to the {RADPHP}\RPCL\Packages folder
and select nexusdbl.package.php file.

You should now have the components in a NexusDB of the
component library/palette.

A demo project is included.

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