We have been extremely busy in the past weeks, but we now have a collection of screenshots to show to all of you. This is a first glimpse at the vastly improved and extended upcoming NexusDB .NET integrations. Yes, not just one but several new exciting features that will make NexusDB even better.

Please note: I'm aware that some of the pictures flow out of the layout of the page. I will try and figure out why that is happening, as it should be auto-adjusted.

But first here's a quick glimpse at NexusDB Starter Edition

We will announce the Starter Edition, a very exciting low cost edition shortly!

NexusDB .NET interfacing and fully managed wrapper .NET classes

VS project

Wrapper classes

The underlying server link interface

Some more interfaces

NexusDB AppServer

Remote Admin menu entries

Yep, that starts an app from an assembly

And yep, the NexusDB Server hosts a full ASP.NET capable server that executes an app.

The ASP.NET Application also gets a pointer to the .NET server engine interface.

NexusDB ADO Provider - Embedded / Native Transport Options and Entity Framework support

The ADO Provider can now use a ServerEngine/SQLEngine combo in a DLL for embedded access without the use of any server. It can also use the same DLL to connect to a NexusDB server using any of it's native transports like TCP or even the protected transports like Blowfish TCP.

Entity Framework support including designer model support.

NexusDB OData Services with Linq support

The server has the possibility to directly host OData services. These services are based on a very simple generic ASP.NET application. To host any database as OData service all that needs to be done is to use the edmgen.exe utility to create the data model files, copy the created files to the ASP.NET App_Code folder and host the ASP.NET Application in either NexusDB server or any other ASP.NET enabled web server.

Full insert/update/delete support

Extend support for OData

Linq support for OData

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