Our current support (which was introduced shortly after the release of NexusDB V2.07 back in April
2008) is based on yearly product based support, which gives access to newly released minor upgrades of the product and provides general support according to the level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). This scheme specifically excludes updates to major new releases for which an extra upgrade charge is

With a new major and exciting RAD Studio version just released and NexusDB V4 being worked on, we
feel that this licensing scheme is bringing a lot of customers into a difficult situation: Should they update their support now and have to pay for a V4 upgrade again? Or should they wait for V4 and stick with what they have already?

Since having happy customers is our main goal, we decided to do something about it and change the
licensing to include updates to major versions. This means that with active product support customers
will have access to any new release of the product, no matter if it’s a minor or major upgrade.

Please read the full document specifying the changes and answering the most common questions in this PDF document. If you have any more questions, please send an email to sales at nexusdb.com.

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