Terry Haan, SpeedLine Solutions Inc.

"I figured you might appreciate an update of our experiences with NexusDB. The new NexusDB version is in about 300 restaurants and the response from our customers, and my customer care department has been great. Some of the largest Pizza Hut franchisee's in the USA have signed with SpeedLine for few hundred stores. I am anticipating a 20-30% drop in support calls once all our customers have this new version installed due to the improved reliability of NexusDB over our previous used database.

We are very excited about what NexusDB does to improve our product. Keep up the great work!"

(SpeedLine is the leading provider of intelligent solutions for pizza point of sale.
Terry has also provided us a white paper on their experiences with NexusDB)

Stephen Stewart, Senior Systems Architect at Softworks Computing Ltd

"Well I downloaded the trial version of the Nexus Memory Manager and plugged it in. The results were very impressive. Our Web server application now has a memory footprint that is no longer insane. Also, we got a throughput improvement of over 200%!!!! I never realised just how unsuitable the Borland memory manager is for our type of application, it was really crippling us in performance and the memory fragmentation was really bad.
I picked up the phone to my boss and said 'Buy it! Now!', and so he did. Great work."
(Softworks Computing Ltd is Europe's fastest growing supplier of client-server and web-based Time and Attendance and absence management solutions.)

A.P. Sastry, Senior Systems Developer with Real Business Software

"We have been fortunate enough to be involved with NexusDB since its inception and transition from FlashFiler. We have been using NexusDB as the basis for nearly a dozen of systems in use by our clients. Our largest system is a mission critical application with more than 100 client workstations hammering a NexusDB server in a call centre situation 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We have observed NexusDB to be a significant improvement over the previous system with no database corruption and no server downtime (other than routine monthly maintenance) in the past 18 months. We are very happy with the extra speed and functionality that NexusDB provides for us over the last database used."

Mark Tinney, President of JOBehaviors

"We partuclarly appreciate the constant, expert product support delivered by the NexusDB Team."
(JOBehaviors offers their Fortune 500 clients easily adaptable pre-employment, online screening services including 'knock-out questions', assessments, interest & willingness questionnaires and any other customized service needed that involves questions-answers-scores. To best facilitate this flexibility, they chose NexusDB as their backend online database because of its powerful speed plus extensibility in in form of monitors, extenders & referential integrity.)

More use(r)s of NexusDB

"We wrote a product called ToolTrak that, assisted by a portable data terminal with built-on barcode reader, tracks tools issued to individuals and currently Airbus are the biggest user. It's used in various divisions at Airbus including ones responsible for building the brand new Airbus A380."
Rafe Aldridge

"For most wheels and plastic skis on all the snowmobiles (Yamaha, Artic Cat, Polaris, Bombardier) everything is managed with a program using NexusDB. From quotation to production to shipping."
David Charron

Estate Agency Software by Independent Software Solutions Ltd."Nexus is the only DB we use. Single and multiple users installed at 1000+ locations. Rollout probably 80% complete."
Ken Randall

TrafficSystem."We are a small company, but our apps are being used by big radiostations and radiogroups."
Rodrigo Gomez

Import BLUMEX Export BV"The server currently collects all kinds of logistics information from our back-office production systems (UNIX based) and presents it through the clients on 60+ terminals. The information gets updated almost instant (using the messaging plugin) during the whole day (from 5:00AM through 7PM). We are currently extending the server so it can steer the PLC (Process Logic Controller) in sorting the products from the conveyor belt (3/4 mile long with 80+ sorter exits). NexusDB has proven to us (in the last months) that it is stable and fast enough to preform such tasks."
Bert Moorthaemer

More Projects "We have a Object-Relational DB based application (framework) which is used mainly in big Sport Organizations and Sport Centers in Germany and Netherlands. It covers every work done in the asociations from tournaments to courses, licences, ticket-sales to accounting. Biggest Customers are: German Horse Riding Federation, German Handball League, German Rowing Association, Several Gymnastic Associations, University of Utrecht and Amsterdam Sport and Cultural Centers."
Thomas Holdt

"An example of where we use NexusDB is at the International Advertising Festival which happens in Cannes each year - think Oscars for the advertising world and The Cannes Film Festival rolled into one. We handle all the electronic voting systems plus the registration system for this event."
Rafe Aldridge

Medium by PPD Group "We run our HR program using NexusDB. (~150 users over 6 divisions and 2 countries). We also run a custom/in-house production management program in one division (~30 users)."
David Charron

DataVara AB has the salary system Crona Lvn installed at 4600+ sites. It is based on NexusDB.

IL GIORNO s.p.a. uses NexusDB for their photo tracking and journalist royalty payment management applications.

Tiltsoft has a Volcano monitoring software (data manipulation, charting, alarms, etc...) running with NexusDB.

Khaki Software is using NexusDB in MessageTracker (phone message database for physician's office) and SampleTracker (pharmaceutical sample medicine tracker).

Asset Web Advisors s.r.l. has their Agieo, a NexusDB based Real estate management system, in place at IMI Immobiliare Milano and make sure that several branches are synchronized with all available data.

SJMovieDB has based their DVD/VHS Movie Database on NexusDB.

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