Support Options

We are fully dedicated to providing you with the best support you can get in this business. To achieve this, we provide you with several support options.

Our support policies include major new releases with normal active support. To read the full details and explanations please follow this link.

Who does the support?

We believe that the best support is provided by the actual developers of the product. Consequently our developers will appear in the newsgroups and chat rooms to achieve this end. They can be easily recognized by the [NDD] (Nexus Database Developer) or [NDA] (Nexus Database Architect) in their name or signature.

Additionally, NexusDB employs dedicated support staff that will answer everything they can and follow up with the development team if needed. These staff members have a [NDS] (Nexus Database Support) in their signature.

We've also put together a small squad of advanced NexusDB users to provide additional support. They are called the Nexus Database eXperts and can be recognized by the [NDX] in their signatures.

We will make sure that your investment has the best support you can get in the business!