The website consists of several areas, each of which can be searched. Some of its contents is official documentation and support, some of it like the Wiki is unofficial source of knowledge.

Accordingly there is an order of how to look for information.

Company & Product information, Manuals, Articles, FAQ, ...

The primary site content is the company & product information, the product manuals as well as the various FAQ, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials and Articles. This should always be your first area to find information you are looking for.

Newsgroups Archive

The newsgroups archive is an invaluable source of information. If you hit a problem then it's very likely you are not the only one out there. Check the archive for posts and possible solutions to your problem.

Issues Search

No solution found so far? Then check whether we have an open (or already fixed) issue for the problem you're having. You can search all the known issues of all our products as.

Wiki Search

The Nexus Wiki is a community driven part of the web site that gives everyone a place to put his tips & tricks, ideas, work arounds or even present his own products built with Nexus products. The information on the Wiki is not officially supported but we have some trusted users of NexusDB as admins and moderators and the quality of the posts is of very high standard.