The Problem

Your customer has a huge database with many gigabytes of data. The customer needs fast random access to their data. Unfortunately, because RAM for the database server process is limited to 2 gigabytes (or 4 gigabytes in certain circumstances) there is a hard limit on how much data your database server can keep in RAM at any one time. This results in a general slow down of the system even though more physical RAM is or can be made available and your customer is unhappy.

The Solution

Use the NexusDB AWE DLL add-on. This add-on works with any NexusDB Server, regardless of the server being a standard or custom developed binary. When the DLL is present and loaded by the NexusDB Server, it will make use of the AWE (Address Windowing Extensions) APIs that allow the process to access all the RAM in the machine. You could for instance run NexusDB Server with the AWE DLL on a 16 gigabytes RAM, 8 core server, and dedicate 12 gigabytes of RAM to the database server. Your customer will be able to make full use of their powerful hardware. The best part of the AWE DLL is that it is a simple add-on for any NexusDB Server. You do not have to change your NexusDB client applications; all you need to do is have your client install the AWE DLL into the server directory. Licensing of the NexusDB AWE DLL is per machine. This model has been chosen so that you, the developer, can recoup the cost of the license from your client, or even to allow the client to upgrade the backend of your application on their own.

What are the RAM & CPU Limitations

The NexusDB AWE technology has been successfully in use with 32 GB memory in real life operations in a call center for more than a year. For an up to date reference on RAM limitations please take a look at:

How to use, comparison with standard server, FAQ

For detailed information on the NexusDB AWE DLL, please download the PDF document from this link:
The AWE nxServer.pdf

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