The NexusDB PHP Connector pack consists of

  • NexusDB PHP Extension and
  • NexusDB PHP Data Objects (PDO) Driver

Both extensions are currently designed to work on Windows platforms and have been tested with the latest 4.x and 5.x versions of PHP (older versions might work but are not actively supported).

They allow direct access directly from PHP without using the ODBC bridge and thus provide much better performance. They are both modeled as close as possible to the PHP reference design and everyone who has used other databases in PHP before should be able to use them straight away. For all others a full programmers reference as CHM file with sample scripts as well as some demo scripts are included.

Please download our trial version and give it a try yourself.


The driver/connector licensing has two parts:

(1) As a user, the driver/connector license allows you to install the Connector on as many machines / seats as necessary provided these machines are operated within the same company or organisation.

(2) If you own an additional NexusDB Server Distribution License (which is implicitly included in the NexusDB Developer SRC, NexusDB Developer DCU and NexusDB AWE Server products, but also available as standalone license) you can royalty-free redistribute the driver/onnector as part of one or more of your products that make explicit use of the Connector. Distribution of the driver/connector on its own is not allowed.

For exact licensing terms please review the attached license document.

PHPPackLicense.txt4.02 KB
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