Telegram Chat

Telegram is a popular chat application with strong security. It supports many platforms, including mobile and web browsers. If you don't already have it, get it here:

Telegram homepage

Once you have Telegram running, use this invite link to join:

NexusDB Peer To Peer Group

Please note that the main purpose of the chat is to get fast peer support or discuss difficult cases. NexusDB staff are often active in the chat, but are not guaranteed to be present at all times. Please also note that just because it is normal business hours in your timezone, it is very likely that other logged on people are in a different part of the world. Also keep in mind that an immediate response may not be possible, so please be patient.

The chat is public, and participants are expected to follow normal etiquette. If you just join and don't post to make yourself known, you will receive a private message designed to weed out spammers. Spammers will be instantly transported to interstellar space, without a suit.

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