Chat rooms

As an unusual way of support we opted for chat rooms. Please note that the main purpose of this possibility to get fast peer support or discuss difficult cases. That said most NexusDB staff makes frequent appearances and is open for any product related discussion as time allows. Please also note that just because it is normal business hours at your place, it is very likely that the logged on people are in a completely different part of the world. Also keep in mind that an immediate response may not be possible all the time cause the logged on people are just doing something else, so please be patient. Switching on the log for the chat will enable you to review the information feedback to you at a later time.

We may occasionally publish discussions on our web servers for others to read. However, this will only be done after editing and consent from all persons involved.

Please click here to open a new window for a web IRC chat.

If you want to use your own IRC client please use on port 4712 as server. The IRC server has an auto join, so if it's enabled on your IRC client, you're automatically joined to the available channels on connect.

We will make sure that your investment has the best support you can get in the business!

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