Our newsgroups at news:// are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Our staff checks the newsgroups at least once a day on normal business days. Although we do not give a promise to also check on weekends and holidays, it would be very uncommon if not at least one staff members checks in there too. Please bear with us if we are not answering questions in the provided third party, off topic or discussion groups.

First time posters PLEASE NOTE: due to excessive spam, new users are moderated and your posts will only become visible to others after a manual review. Please be patient after posting. We suggest that you post 2 dummy test messages to the "test" forum first. If your first time post is urgent, please email us to approve your post.

We strongly recommend the use of a proper newsreader, one good example (with Delphi source available!) is XanaNews.

For you convenience we also provide a full web gateway with search functionality. This provides an invaluable archive not only for NexusDB customers but for every Delphi developer.

The news server is provided as a means of support, thus we would appreciate it if the normal netiquette is met. This in short means: post in the correct group, keep it short and to the point, no direct attacks (against persons, organization or things). Criticism, within the boundary of constructive and polite critique, is allowed.

If we feel that a message is unsuitable to stay on our server, we will delete it and post a note about it in the relevant group for further discussion. We reserve the right to ban people from the server for repeated misuse of the groups. Spamming will result in immediate ban.

Third party posters that wish to advertise your products, PLEASE NOTE: The only group where this is allowed is our newsgroup. If you post anywhere else, then your message is spam and will be immediately deleted.

We will make sure that your investment has the best support you can get in the business!

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