The LineTimer tool is an execution time profiler that lets you enhance your application and even drill down to individual lines in your program. With the LineTimer, you can see actual times spent on any (or all) lines of code in your project. With this tool you can pinpoint exactly which lines cost you the most execution time!

LineTimer Project grid

 Project Page

The project page lists the modules (.exe and .dlls) that make up your project. You can include or exclude modules from analysis and view module information.

LineTimer Routines grid 

 Routines Page

The Routines page lets you select the routines you want to analyse. Loading an application for analysis causes this page to be populated with data in the format of a routine list.

The routine list can be viewed in a number of different layouts. Choose the desired view from the Layout Selector combo box on the tool panel or from the context menu displayed when you right-click the application area. The following table identifies the available built-in layouts.




 All routines are displayed in a non-grouped layout.

Routines By Scope

 All routines are grouped by scope.

Routines By Module/Scope

 All routines are grouped first by module, secondly  by scope.

Routines by Binary Module/Source Module

 Routines are grouped first by binary module, secondly by source module.

 LineTimer linetimes grid

 Line Times Page

When the application terminates, LineTimer generates a profile with the lines executed during the session and their execution times, and displays the profile in the Line Times page.

Depending on the currently selected layout, the Line Times page shows any or all of the following information:

Binary Module: The name of the binary module where the routine resides

Name: The name of the routine excluding scope and module names.

Full Name: The full name of the routine (module + scope + name).

Source Module: The name of the modules where the routine is defined.

File: The name of the source file where the routine is defined.

Scope: The scope name of the routine (class name or <global>).

Line: The number of the source line.

Address: Address of first instruction in the source line.

Total Time: Total execution time for this line, in milliseconds.

% of Total Time: Execution time as a percentage of the total time for this line.

Hits: The number of times this source line was executed during the session.

Average Time: Average execution time for this line during the session, in milliseconds.

Max Time: The execution time for the slowest execution of this line, in milliseconds.

Min Time: The execution time for the fastest execution of this line, in milliseconds.

As with all layouts in Nexus Quality Suite, the Line Times layout may be sorted, grouped, and totaled in a number of ways.

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