Specify a quantified comparison.


<in predicate> ::=
<in predicate part 2> ::= [ NOT ] IN <in predicate value>
<in predicate value> ::=


The degree of the row value predicand, table subquery and row value expressions shall be 1.
The data types shall be comparable.
The predicate evaluates to TRUE if the row value predicand has a matching value in the list of values specified by the in predicate value, else to FALSE.
If the row value predicand is null, then the predicate evaluates to UNKNOWN.
The NOT operator inverts the meaning of the comparison and is equal to:

       NOT ( <row value predicand> IN <in predicate value> )


1) The following example selects students from California and New York:

       SELECT studentName, state

       FROM students

       WHERE state IN ( 'CA', 'NY' )

2) The following examples uses a subquery with the IN predicate to select students who are enrolled in courseID 730:

       SELECT studentID, studentName

       FROM students

       WHERE studentID IN ( SELECT studentID FROM enrolls WHERE courseID = 730 )


SQL:2003 standard



Core SQL

Feature F561 "Full value expressions"

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