The Enterprise Manager (EM) is the programmer's main tool for table and database maintenance operations.

The EM allows a developer to

Create tables, indexes, stored procedures, ...
Perform routine maintenance of NexusDB table structure,
View and maintain data in tables,
Maintain and execute SQL scripts,
Perform live backup and restore operations, and,
Export and import data in CSV format.

It was completely rewritten for Version 2 and now boast an extensive feature set and an extremely flexible way of presenting data of tables and queries.

The EM allows multiple table, SQL and restructure views to be opened at the same time. The use of cut and paste operations between all views is fully supported. It also has configurable and dockable toolbars and windows as well as the possibility to register servers that cant be reached by broadcasts.

This tool is intended for development use only.  Due to its ability to allow direct access to the data in NexusDB tables, it is not recommended for distribution to your clients.  As the full source for the EM is provided for registered users, it is straightforward for developers to implement their own application specific table utilities.

Due to the use of several third party component sets, it is not possible to recompile the EM out of the box anymore. You need to get your own copy of these third party tools to be able to change or recompile it. A full list of the used tools and the required version numbers are available on request. Just send an email to our support.

Before we investigate connecting to servers, and other actions, we shall first discuss the Global Options settings.

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