Welcome to the NexusDB Delphi Developer Reference Manual.  This manual is organized into a number of sections which describe all aspects of the operation, maintenance and development of NexusDB applications written in Delphi.

This book should be seen as reference and Help for Delphi developers. If you want to know more about NexusDB concepts and Architecture please consult the according manual book.

If you should experience any issues with NexusDB we strongly encourage you to contact us via any of the methods listed on our webpage.  If you feel you have uncovered an issue with NexusDB, then we kindly ask for you to provide (where possible) a sample project demonstrating the issue you have found.  This is to help us isolate and track down the issue to resolve it for you.

For the latest information on Nexus products be sure to regularly visit the website at www.nexusdb.com and, while you are there, add the various newsgroups (at news.nexusdb.com) to you reader.

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