CodeWatch Features

The primary function of CodeWatch is to help you find bugs in your project. It does this by carefully monitoring your running program to find memory and resource leaks as well as errors in calls to Windows API routines. Quality Suite CodeWatch also includes features such as API compliance checking that can help ensure that your program will run properly on the target operating system for deployment. Finally, you can use Quality Suite CodeWatch to stress test your project. The stress testing feature, which is new in this version of the tool, can show you how your project will behave in resource poor environments.

CodeWatch Errors display

The Parameters and Failures page

This page is only active if the API Function Failures, API Function Parameters, or both options are checked. Clicking an API failure listed in the Event Browser view opens this page.

The page includes three resizable views: the global Event Browser, the Event view, and the Stack Trace view.

The Event Browser

On the left hand side of the window is the Event Browser. Each item in this view indicates a separate event (error) in the program. The events in the Event Browser are filtered by call hierarchy—only one instance of each error from each call location is shown in the Event Browser. The Event Browser contains two columns. The first categorized the event as an API or other failure, a memory error, or a resource error. The second column specifies the type of failure, memory, or resource associated with the error. Clicking an API failure error in The Events Browser opens the Parameters and Failures page and selects the indicated error as the active event in the Event view. Clicking on a Memory error opens the Memory: Allocation Events page.

The Event view

An API function reported in this view indicates that the function resulted in an error. Quality Suite CodeWatch queries the operating system for a textual explanation of the error and reports the error message returned along with the name of the function. Indented underneath the function name and the error message is a list of the arguments passed to the function.

The Stack Trace view

This view shows the call hierarchy for the currently selected event in the Event view.

Right-clicking this view displays a context menu with which you can open the source code viewer, open the source file in the IDE, or add the error to the filter databases. (See "The Filter Databases folder" .) The context menu also provides access to two submenus: Export and Current Layout. The Export submenu displays options for exporting the contents of the current layout either as an ANSI comma-separated file, an HTML document, an XML data file, an Excel worksheet, or text. The Current Layout submenu lists the layouts provided for this page and provides commands for creating a custom layout. See "Designing Layouts" for complete instructions on how to edit a layout.

CodeWatch Summary display

Summary Display

After the program under test has exited, a summary display is shown.


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