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Now that Rad Studio XE2 has been released, we can start planning supporting NexusDB releases.

We intend to release NexusDB 3.10 within a month. This update will as usual have some bug fixes, and also will have XE2 support for win32 compiling. At the same time, the new Secure Pack products are going to be released (link: https://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=node/27041).

Seems like I've missed out to post this announcement on our website. So here it goes:

We've just made a free RADPHP package as add-on to our PHP connector
available. The package implements access to NexusDB in the same way as the
shipped packages for MySQL, Oracle or IBase.

The package is available for download from here:

Some screenshots:

The NexusDB Security Pack is a new add-on for NexusDB which provides a number of highly secure industry standard data encryption engines. These engines are designed, implemented and documented under contract by highly regarded data security consultant Henrick Hellström of StreamSec HB (http://www.streamsec.com ), a Swedish company specialized in the development of highly secure data

We have been extremely busy in the past weeks, but we now have a collection of screenshots to show to all of you. This is a first glimpse at the vastly improved and extended upcoming NexusDB .NET integrations. Yes, not just one but several new exciting features that will make NexusDB even better.

Please note: I'm aware that some of the pictures flow out of the layout of the page. I will try and figure out why that is happening, as it should be auto-adjusted.

But first here's a quick glimpse at NexusDB Starter Edition

Due to a temporary problem running a full test & release cycle we're experiencing a delay of the 3.06 release. We've thus decided to publish a pre-release version of the binaries (Server & Enterprise Manager). To access the libraries please log in to the customer pages & navigate to the binaries page.

Please note that V3.06 is not only a service release but also adds several new features, mainly in the SQL engine. To see the full list of fixes and features please take a look at:

Our current support (which was introduced shortly after the release of NexusDB V2.07 back in April
2008) is based on yearly product based support, which gives access to newly released minor upgrades of the product and provides general support according to the level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). This scheme specifically excludes updates to major new releases for which an extra upgrade charge is

With a new major and exciting RAD Studio version just released and NexusDB V4 being worked on, we

We're currently working on getting a new major release of the ADO/.NET Provider ready. This new Version 3 has the following immediate goals for its release:

Major performance improvements over networks Possibility of out-of-phase releases in regards to NexusDB Support for "Embedded Mode" using one (or more) Server-DLLs Support for custom encrypted databases using and optional Encryption-DLL VS2010 support Data View/Object support

Additionally we're targeting the following lifetime goals for the V3 Provider"

Moved to the manual.

With this format there is no longer a single (or multiple) files per table, instead there is a single file (-set, more about that later) per database which is at the same time the current state of the database and a full transaction log.

When a transaction is comitted, no changes are made to any information already in the file, instead the changed blocks are appended to the file. The only exception to this is a field in the header of the file which references he file offset where information about the last fully committed transaction can be found.

Ok, so this is not directly NexusDB related, just something that has been bugging me. Bear with me. :)

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