Specify a range comparison.


<between predicate> ::=
<between predicate part 2> ::=

[ NOT ] BETWEEN <row value predicand> AND <row value predicand>


The BETWEEN predicate is equal to:

       value1 >= value2 AND value1 <= value3

The degree of the row value predicands shall be 1.
The data types shall be comparable.
The result of evaluating the predicate is shown in the Truth table for the AND boolean operator.
The NOT operator inverts the meaning of the comparison and is equal to:

       NOT ( <row value predicand> BETWEEN <row value predicand> AND <row value predicand> )


1) The following example selects teachers who earn between $30,000 and $35,000:

       SELECT teacherName, salary

       FROM teachers

       WHERE salary BETWEEN 30000 AND 35000


SQL:2003 standard


Core SQL

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